Buyer Protection

Every purchase you make through Nowplease is protected so that you can make buying decisions confidently. In the event that your item never arrives or differs from the description, a refund will be provided. However, it is not possible to refund the initial fee made to Nowplease. 

Buyer protection will cover missing items, items that have damage which was not disclosed on the listing & items that do not match their description.

If the item arrives and matches the description given, then there will be no option to refund it. Nowplease will not issue any refunds for items that do not fit as intended. Nor will it be possible to refund an item on the basis that it is no longer wanted. In both circumstances, we recommend listing the item again.

It is imperative that any dispute is raised within 3 days of the item's delivery. If the dispute is raised after the payment for the item has been released, it will not be possible to offer a refund. In addition, Buyer Protection does not cover any transactions that take place externally to Nowplease.

Please visit the 'Deliveries & Returns' page for more on our Returns Policy.