Frequently Asked Questions

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How to list an item?

How to deliver an item?

How does payment work?



How do I sell an item?

1. Log into your account.

2. Select the 'Sell an Item' button on the dashboard.

3. Enter the correct details for the item, upload your own photos, and write your description.

4. Press 'Submit' and relax! Your item will be listed automatically.

How to write a title description?

A good description is both simple and accurate. It describes the details of the item correctly and honestly. We believe it is better to provide too much information than too little. A positive tone will help prospective buyers to look more favourably on your item.

How to take photos of an item?

Take photos of the relevant item in good lighting, with a simple background (such as a wall). Ensure that you have a photo of the front and back of the item. We recommend you also include a photo of the label and any faults.

How to write a item title?

The title should include the name of the designer, or brand, and the type of item. You can also include notable features, like the colour or material. For example, 'Tom Ford Navy Suit' would be appropriate.

How to find the buyer's delivery address?

To find the address of a buyer, you must first select the 'Selling' button on your account dashboard. Then find the relevant item that has just been sold. On the item, look for a button for the buyers address.

After you find the delivery address, we recommend that you post the item as soon as possible.

What should I do if there is an issue or delay with delivery?

If there are any issues with the shipping of your item, please email us at We will need a complete description of the issue to ensure that it can be resolved quickly. 

We recommend using tracked delivery, so it can be referred to in case of any problems.

How long does it take to get paid for a sale?

You will receive payment up to 14 days after the initial purchase. This gives the buyer time to accept the item or make a complaint.

Do you offer protection for sellers?

Every transaction that takes place through Nowplease will be covered. You can find out more about Buyer and Seller protection here [LINK].

How do I find the right item?

Firstly, go to the product listing ( Enter a keyword or product name into the search bar. If necessary, adjust the filters to narrow the selection of items shown. To get more details about an item, simply click on it and you will be taken to the product's page. 

How do I place an order?

We've worked hard to make the process of placing an order as easy as possible. When you find an item you love in the product listing, just click on it to get to the product's page. Then choose your size and select the 'Buy Now' button. You will be taken to the checkout page, where you can edit your basket and complete the checkout form. 

How much are the seller fees?

As of 30/12/20, there are no fees for sellers. There is a fee charged by Stripe for payment processing, which will be deducted from the sale price. The Stripe fee is currently 1.4% + 20p. 

For example, if you sell a suit for £100.00, Stripe will deduct £1.60 (£1.40 + £0.20) in order to process the transaction.

How do I cancel an order?

Unfortunately, we're not able to make changes to your order now that it has been submitted.

If you've changed your mind, you can re-list the item when it arrives.

Where can I view my recent orders?

To find your recent orders, firstly go to your 'My Account' page and click on the 'Orders' tab ( 

What will my order be packaged in?

Each order will be packaged by the seller, therefore Nowplease is not responsible for the packaging used. However, we have guidelines for sellers, which illustrate how you should package a product and post it.


What should I do if I forget my password?

Simply click the 'Forgot Password' button on the log in page. Then, enter your email address and we will send you instructions to reset your password.

Is the personal information stored with Nowplease safe?

Nowplease ensures that all of your personal information is private. On our website, the other data that is visible will be your profile name and username which is essential for placing and accepting orders. If you would like additional information about how personal information is stored, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

Will I need to create an account to order from Nowplease?

No, you do not need to create an account to make a purchase. Instead of signing up, you can log into your account using your Facebook or Google details.