Seller Fees

At Nowplease, we believe that more transparency is needed when it comes to seller fees. Customers should be able to see what expenses are incurred when a transaction takes place and the markup taken by the platform.


As it stands, Nowplease has one of the lowest seller fees for new and pre-owned products and we intend to keep it that way; see how they compare to other marketplaces in the 'Radical Transparency' section at the bottom of the home page. This fee is currently 0% of the total transaction, with the seller receiving almost the entire amount. A small fee is charged by Stripe for payment process. We don't charge any listing fees, so do not hold back.

We have worked hard to build Nowplease as cost-effectively as possible so that our sellers don't have to pay more than they have to. We cover the cost of web hosting and labour.

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