Discovering The Next Big Thing: Using tools to consistently discover new trends

It is generally important to have a system for finding good products before anyone else does. It is one thing to identify trends and styles, it is another thing to do it before other people notice it too.

There are methods and tools that are used to spot trends, items and what will be popular. You should have a number of go-to source that enable you to identify any changes. This will enable you to find out about desirable items so that you can offer them ahead of everyone else.

You don't need to spot every new trend

The first thing to realise is that today there are more different types of products than you could ever imagine. For every niche and interest group, there are many products available and many new trends forming. You can't stay ahead of them all, so don't bother trying to. It's more important to spot a few upcoming trends and focus your attention on providing a high-quality offering that can serve the growing demand.

Use tools to stay ahead

There are numerous tools that can help you to spot trends and new styles to offer. A tool like Google Trends is an excellent place to start. If you have an idea about what sort of style might be becoming more popular, Google Trends will give you a good idea of how many others share are looking into that same trend, and should help to indicate what will be in demand in a few months time.

It is worth keeping an eye on Reddit forums for fashion, as the passionate advocates of emerging trends will likely have a presence on this platform. Some forums even offer a 'WTB' (Want To Buy), 'LTB' (Looking To Buy) or 'ISO' (In Search Of) category that allows you to quickly spot products that people want to purchase. This is perfect for gauging early demand and is worth paying attention to. Nowplease has been working on a new listing for 'in search of' posts for some time, so that sellers can quickly suggest items to people who are struggling to find a particular thing. This can be another important tool for finding out what people want and accommodating their needs.

Be open-minded

Open-mindedness is essential in an industry like fashion resale. Fashion is constantly in flux and if you’re not looking at the bigger picture, then you’ll find isolating yourself to be a risky move. For any seller or curator, it is very important we try and stay very open-minded as you look for inspiration.

Lastly, one of the most important parts of being a successful seller is to be aware of what is soon to come. Building you shop for future market trends is one of the best long-term strategies for turning your passion into profit.

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