The Secret to Delighting Your Customers

Your customers are the single most important thing to your company. If you’re looking to grow your customer base, the quickest way to do that is by delighting your current customers. The best way to do that is by shipping quickly and delivering quickly.

What do we mean by "delighting customers"?

If we take a closer look at the language of the phrase, it's about delivering what you said, when you said it, but mainly doing it fast. In other words,"Delighting your customers" means satisfying them quickly. When you delight a customer, they will likely return to buy from you again. The fast shipping and delivery is particularly effective, because it produces a positive feedback loop in the space of a few days; starting with the customers finding and purchasing your item, followed by a short period of anticipation (or uncertainty), and concluded with a knock at the door from a courier delivering your parcel. The shorter the time period between placing the order and receiving the product, the less time a customer has to second-guess their decision or worry about the legitimacy of the seller.

Ideally, before the customer has any chance to ponder as to where their parcel is, you have ensured that they have it in their hands. Even if they don't look great in your item, they will still concede that you delivered it on time and, in many cases, exceeded their expectations given that so many sellers are slow to ship their products.

Increase your chances of a repeat customer

The first sale made to a new customer is only the starting point. You should aim to get every new customer to progress to a repeat customer, as a consequence of your reliable and trustworthy service. This is especially true for fashion resale businesses, as the customer will typically have similar proportions to you, or at least appreciate your style. Resale marketplaces make it easier than ever to sell again to your previous customers; every new item you upload will appear on your feed, you can like their products and even reach out about products they might be interested in.

That being said, you will only get repeat customers by delighting them. By providing a professional, efficient means of getting your product into their hands. Friendly communication is worthless if you leave them waiting for 2 weeks before their new top arrives.

Bottom line, it really pays off to master fast shipping.

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