What is Trust and Why it Matters to your Resale Business

This article will help you increase your trustworthiness with tips and best practices.

Trust is the foundation for a successful business. If you don't have trust, people will likely not continue to invest their time and money into your product or business idea. Trusting someone means that they are considered reliable and dependable. To gain trust, you might offer to refund the cost of goods if a client is unhappy with your service. Or, this could mean different things in different industries. For example, restaurants might build trust by providing free samples of their food or certain movie theatres offer free popcorn samples in order to entice new customers into viewing a film. There is more to online trust than just getting new customers though. It is also important to show your existing customers that you care.

Moreover, trust is something you build over time, but you can also damage it in a heartbeat. Online businesses are particularly vulnerable to trust issues, so we have decided to dedicate a post to the art of building trust.

Building trust in traditional businesses

Trust between parties is a concept that occurs in any type of business. It’s the result of a positive relationship formed by each party having earned one another’s confidence. Trust and confidence are one and the same in this context; you have trust in the quality of a product or service from a given seller, which increases your propensity to buy an item from them. The absence of trust will almost certainly deter prospective buyers from making a purchase, as the transaction will be deemed too risky.

Customers should feel that when they purchase from you, they are in good hands, and they wholeheartedly trust you as a seller. With this in mind, you need to ensure trust has been created in every opportunity; from the layout of your shop to the product descriptions, and most importantly, positive reviews. Increasing sales isn't just about having quality products or services it's also about giving your customers that sense of security and peace of mind that comes when there's trust involved.

How can you improve trust through your product listings?

The first thing you can do is take high-quality photos of your products, in natural light and with any blemishes visible. The very act of hiding marks, discolourations or tears will set your shop up for failure, given that these faults will be emphasised, and even exaggerated, in the product review. Transparency is always appreciated by would-be buyers and will make your shop feel more trustworthy as a result.

Product descriptions that are accurate will also build trust, so too will some context about why you are selling a particular item. Perhaps you grew out of the item, you need to declutter or simply want to earn some money from unused items. Regardless, the reason for selling your item will often help to answer any uncertainty about your motivations.

Communication is key

Communication is one of the biggest factors in positively impacting a brand and verifying trustworthiness. You don’t have to be a great writer, but you do need to be able to convey your credibility and professionalism to your customers. Time and time again, when you have had to choose between a seller who clearly wants to sell you something blindly (no questions asked) and one who communicated effectively about the product, you will almost always choose the latter.

Conversely, there are many people who have experienced failed sales because they depended on their charm to sell an item. Don’t be that person. Charm and charisma can sometimes earn you a follow or two on social media, but it can’t cause someone to buy if there are holes in your sales pitch.

Reconsider offering returns

A resale shop that takes returns gives the customer a greater sense of security and trust in them. In addition, if they do not like the product, as a seller you will be able to know about their experience with your shop and take measures to improve your service for future customers.

Overall, trust takes time to build, so make sure you follow some of these steps to ensure your business achieves that enviable reputation it deserves.

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