What Sellers Need to Know About Writing Great Product Descriptions

Creating the perfect description can be hard. It requires you to know, or at least take a good guess at, your audience and their needs. It also requires that you be creative — after all, consumers today are looking for more than just a great price when they consider making a purchase. This includes information such as: Why do people buy this product? What do customers think of it? Is it really quality merchandise?   So, what does this mean for you aside from the obvious answer of create a good description? It means that you need to know what products sell well on your marketplaces and why they sell well.    This means spending time exploring your reseller marketplace and becoming familiar with what people look for in products.

1. Pick things that are valuable to your audience

Writing good product descriptions is an art form. It all comes down to understanding the psychology behind your target market. Your readers want to feel included, informed and inspired. Disparate groups of users with different needs and background details can be targeted with specific products through product descriptions which builds trust and credibility.

The first step to crafting an effective product description is recognising what your audience values. Research can help here. Look at reviews, buzzwords, and social media posts to identify what readers focus on when they consume content. You can even take a look at who is buying products across different platforms. This can give you valuable insights into what is driving demand and sales for your product.

2. Keep in mind what buyers are looking for

To best capture the imagination of your potential buyers, writing product descriptions that are specific, persuasive and descriptive can help. You need to explain why the buyer will love it, and how their purchase will enrich their life.

3. Make sure that the product is as described

Sellers of consumer goods must give information about the product in sufficient detail to enable buyers to understand what they are buying. This includes things like a distance scale, pictures, realistic cost estimates and measurements or specifications and product quality.

4. The Keywords are Important Too

Don't be tempted to add random information just to fill up your product description. Instead be genuine and make sure it is readable

5. Quality Content is Key

The best products descriptions are useful for two reasons. First, they convey information that is relevant to the users: what do they want, why do they want it, and how will they get it? Second, they accentuate the positive: the appealing features of a product. Listing features is good — it draws attention to them and portrays them in a favourable light.

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